Polar Plunge Safety

By adhering to these safety guidelines, we aim to create a fun and secure Polar Plunge experience for all participants. Thank you for your cooperation, and let's make a splash for a good cause!

Your safety is our top priority. Before taking the plunge into the icy waters, please familiarize yourself with the following safety guidelines:

1. Health Check:

Ensure you are in good health before participating in the Polar Plunge. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or concerns, consult with your healthcare provider beforehand.

2. Proper Attire:

Wear appropriate clothing for the cold water plunge. We recommend a swimsuit or other water-resistant attire. Costumes are encouraged but should not compromise safety.

3. Footwear:

All participants must wear shoes at all times during the plunge. Choose sturdy, waterproof shoes to protect your feet.

4. Plunge Entry:

Enter the water cautiously and under the guidance of event staff. Do not run or dive into the water to prevent injuries.

5. Supervision:

Children under 18 years old must have parental consent to participate and should be supervised by a responsible adult during the plunge. A waiver must be signed by the parent or guardian during registration.

6. Emergency Services:

Emergency medical services will be on-site. In case of injury or emergency, please notify event staff immediately.

7. Stay Informed:

Listen to announcements and follow instructions from event organizers and safety personnel. Stay informed about weather conditions that may affect the event.

8. Alcohol and Substance Use:

The use of alcohol or substances before or during the plunge is strictly prohibited. Participants under the influence will not be allowed to plunge.

9. Warm-up Area:

If provided, take advantage of the designated warm-up area before and after the plunge to regulate your body temperature.

10. Post-Plunge Care:

After the plunge, dry off promptly, change into warm clothing, and seek shelter to prevent hypothermia. Hot beverages may be available to help warm up.

11. Respect Limits:

Know your personal limits and participate at your own comfort level. If at any point you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, please alert the event staff.