An important caution: Cold/freezing/frozen water presents obvious and not-so-obvious dangers and is risky at any depth to people of any age, mobility, or health status. You must – MUST – exercise caution and personal responsibility in your Polar Plunge activities!

Be smart, be safe, and be careful – for you and all who join you in taking the Polar Plunge.  Whether you are plunging at one of our in-person Polar Plunges across the province or from home with a Virtual Plunge, follow all applicable water (and freezing water) safety and COVID-19 protocols. Have fun with it; but above all, BE SAFE.

Please be safe and responsible while taking the Plunge! Here are some Dos and Don’ts:

  • Plunge within your comfort zone
  • Follow ALL social distancing and public health guidelines
  • Get Creative!
  • Share that you are taking the plunge on social media; be sure to use #PlungeON!
  • Have FUN!
  • If you are taking the Plunge virtually and not at one of our in-person plunge locations, do not attempt to plunge into a lake, river or other body of water
  • Do not do anything that could cause physical harm to yourself or others
  • Do not stay in cold water for too long – make sure you are prepared with a dry towel and clothes for after your plunge!